Handbuilt Show in Austin, TX

After being at the Handbuilt Show last year, I wasn’t sure the folks at Revival Cycles could out do themselves. Well I’ll be damned if they didn’t. As with last year, there was something for everyone who loves motorcycles. The Land Speeder bike from Revival and the Musket from Maxwell Hazan were both on display and are now going into a private collection. So who knows if they’ll be on public display anytime soon. So having seen those was one of my big drives to make the show again. The rest of the show only had the best of cafes, trackers, resto-mods, complete restorations, chopper and several that just don’t fit in any category.

Across the street truckloads of dirt arrived and a flat track was in place, albeit the smallest flat track you could imagine. On the side the Wall of Death was going full bore every hour with these daredevils continuing to thrill audiences young and old. There were a couple of delicious food trucks vending and inside a couple of bars slinging cocktails and beer.

What can’t be put into words is the vibe. There was something about the weather, the steady stream of alcohol, bikes, art and Sarah Lahalih that was magical. Getting to meet some of these master builders who were more than happy to share their creations and not seem to tire was great. If you didn’t make it this year and only saw it on social media, do yourself a favor, start saving to get down there next year. I’m going to be there because I’m confident the Revival crew are going to once again out do themselves and I don’t want to miss it.