Brooklyn for the weekend

I came up to Brooklyn to hangout, enjoy the scene at the Brooklyn Invitational and got so much more than that. I found out that Indian Larry Motorcycles on Union Ave was having their annual party so I went over there and saw some fantastic bikes. Choppers aren't for everyone but I do have an appreciation for them when they're well done and I love bikes that have been daily riders for years. So I got plenty of both there. I've also never seen so many motorcycle clubs in one place including the Hells Angels.

The Brooklyn Invitational was fantastic with a bigger variety of bikes that just choppers. This year Dime City Cycles, Roland Sands, Keino Sasaki and Walt Seigle really broadened the reach. I was also able to meet up with Gareth Rogers, one of my favorite bloggers from The Bike Shed based out of London. We ended up hanging out at the show talking bikes for a couple of hours before walking down the road to grab a late dinner while continuing to talk on about life, work and everything else under the sun.