82 Guzzi V50 Mk3 Project Bike

This is my first project and I'm pretty excited about it. I traded a Genuine Stella scooter that I'd built to the hilt but ignored after I finally got another motorcycle, Ducati M900. After riding a bike with 17" wheels and brakes (not to mention horsepower), the scooter wasn't as inticing anymore. After trying to get the scooter sold, I straight traded it for this Guzzi. 

It was rebuilt last year and only has 500 miles on the build. It also has a new electronic ignition system installed, so that's some money I don't need to spend. 

It wasn't running so it was trucked to my buddy Drew's house Saturday night (9/28/13). Sunday afternoon he had it running in about an hour after finding a loose wire on the ignition. After it started it just sat there and idled like a dream. Took it up and down the road a few times and knocked my socks off with the loud, torquey goodness. Then we tore it all down.

Steps right now are to get rid of the brake bridge set up, new switches for the handlebars and search for some parts at Barber Vintage Racedays in a couple of weeks. I posted this here because I'm not sure what it's going to be when I'm done, most likely just a cool assed bike that really doesn't fit into a defined category. I read through zachattach's build on a V50 here and that's got me inspired. So as this thing goes, I'll be posting here. Don't know when it'll be done, I would really like it if it were done before the holidays, but we'll see.